MyAscension Login is an online portal that allows My Ascension Healthcare employees to access their tax forms, pay stubs, W-2s, and more. It provides Ascension employees with an online resource for various things, including your personal information.Ascension Healthcare makes the My Ascension web portal available to its employees to quickly and conveniently access their business accounts on and off the network. By logging in to my Ascension Online Account, as an Ascension employee, you can access all of your Ascension-related information and resources to manage your activities, work hours, and more. It will help you improve your Ascension career and the quality of healthcare services in just a few clicks.

My Ascension Login is an official online site that provides access to Ascension employees and patients. Anyone who is an employee of Ascension can register for an Ascension account and access the portal there.

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Patients of Ascension Health can create their accounts on the Ascension patient portal, specific to them. This portal helps patients plan a visit, restock medications, take exams online, and more.

Steps To Login For My Ascension

Ascension employees can access the My Ascension web portal from any Internet-connected device at any time. You can register for an account here if you are not already logged in.

  • Healthcare.ascension.org is the official Ascension website.
  • You can access the “For employees” link at the bottom of the page in the “MORE INFORMATION” column on the right.
  • So choose your state or wherever you are


  • Your first option, my Ascension, will appear on the next page. Click on the “PORTAL ACCESS” button.
  • Go to my.ascension.org to open the My Ascension Portal directly.
  • You must enter your Ascension Partner Account User ID and Password in the fields on the left side of the portal.
  • Click the “LOGIN” button to continue.

What Are My Ascension Login Requirements?

  • My Ascension Registration Portal Web Address
  • Your valid username and password
  • Updated browser
  • PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet with reliable and stable internet

Ascension For Associates

As Ascension is located in 20 states across the country, any Ascension employee working for the organization can access your business information through its associated My Ascension portals. Each state has its portal, email, learning, standards of conduct page, mobile portal options, and more.

These portals are available to all Ascension employees. Currently, 15 portals are associated with other states. This includes Kansas, Alabama, Maryland, Florida, Michigan, Indiana, Texas, New York, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Illinois, and DC.