This is the first time in Ascension’s history that it is a for-profit organization. It wasn’t always that way, though, as it was established as a non-profit organization under the Catholic system originally. My Ascension brings personal attention to all and promises to bring hope, health, and strength to all who pass through its walls. The headquarters are in St. Louis, Missouri, and the current CEO is Joseph Impicciche (since 2019).My-AscensionAs Ascension operates in many locations, chances are you can get the care you need close to home. Since its inception in 1999, the merger of two disparate Catholic health systems has grown considerably through the merger of many hospitals and other health systems. The original fusion instrument was placed between the national health system of the Daughters of Charity and the health system of the Sisters of Saint Joseph.

Currently, it has 151 hospitals located in the United States with a combined workforce of over 150,000 qualified employees, providing patients with the highest quality care. Sometime in 2014, Ascension partnered with an Indian hospital called Narayana Health of India to open a $2 billion hospital in the Caveman Islands. It was Health City Caveman Islands, and both had a 50/50 stake.


The organization fully serves the community and supports people in many ways. It leaves no gaps when it comes to offering workers a consolidated plan of health and education benefits. Hospital staff can easily customize their needs and honor in any way they want. Many hospital health insurance plans include dental, medical, and eye insurance. Workers also benefit from housing options and tax refunds.

Everyone who works at the hospital likely has a good standard of living. There would probably be no housing problems because Catholic health care systems take better and better care of their workers. The hospital system merged several health posts into a comprehensive strategy.